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Redneck gun-toting separatist hockey mom for vice-president

September 2, 2008

The time has come to offer some thoughts on Governor Palin and her qualification for the job. I called her a redneck, gun-toting, separatist, hockey mom and here are the references:

  • Redneck

Being a former mayor of a town consisting of a gas station and a store she would bring into the White House unique perception and experience with foreign affairs (her entire utterances about foreign policy fit on one page.)

  • Gun-toting

See above for a fine picture of Governor Palin in Kuwait last July from the Guardian.

  • Separatist

As the Guardian has delightfuly reported Governor Palin used to be or even still is a member of an extremist separatist party called Alaska Independence Party (AIP), which aims to secede from the US. She even spoke at the convention.

  • Hockey mom

She might be a hockey mom but has trouble keeping her extensive spawn in line,one of her 17 year old daughters is pregnant and they will (!) keep the baby. Political Blogger Alliance


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