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The Russian thugs invade again

August 15, 2008


My grand-parents lived through the liberation of Czechoslovakia by Russian troops after the Second World War only to see their country go under a severe communist dictatorship not even three years later in 1948.


My parents saw the Russian thugs invade Czechoslovakia again during the Prague spring in 1968 to quash a reformist attempts by the Czech communists.


Russians invade Afghanistan under feeble pretexts, massacring the country and reducing it to rubble over the course of a vicious 9 years of war. (Interestingly my uncle worked for the Soviets building bridges for the so called Reconstruction effort, for them to be only blown up by mujahedeen later. )


The thugs invade time again and again. This time Russian forces have humiliated the Georgian forces and the President Mikheil Saakashvili. The occupation is ongoing and results uncertain, however at this point it could be concluded that the Russian aggressive mindset has triumphed again. Russians only negotiate with tanks and missiles and are striving to undo the military and economic humiliation meted out to them in the 1990s by the West in the form of a complete destruction of their economy at the hands of the IMF and World Bank. Political Blogger Alliance

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  1. goodtimepolitics permalink
    August 15, 2008 5:01 am

    And this is what Obama comes up with for a decision on what to do!

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