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“War on Terror” misguided strategy according to RAND

August 11, 2008

The Rand corporation , the secretive government advisory commission, has concluded in their new report that the current way of waging the war on terror by the US Department of Defense is ineffectual and counterproductive. Specifically

The current strategy for defeating al Qaeda has not been successful in diminishing the group’s capabilities and is unlikely to do better without a shift in emphasis, the Rand Corp. study concludes.

It goes on to lambast the current administration for its focus on hard military power, while more nuanced methods should have been chosen: terrorists groups often cease when incorporated into political movements or their leaders are arrested or killed by local police units. Mind you that this advice is not being meted out by a leftist professor or a peacnik but by a hard nosed militarist shadowy agency of the federal government itself. Political Blogger Alliance

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