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Homeland Stupidity by Disney

July 16, 2008

Anybody who had the fortune to arrive in this blessed land at an international airport might have seen a glimpse of a new 7 minute movie played at all customs posts (at least in DC). It is created by Disney and wonderfully captures the lurid simplicity, technicolor kitsch and idiotic music that could only have been produced by Disney. Endless smiling faces of minorities, whose houses are foreclosed in the housing slump, orgasmically smiling waitresses, waiting the tables for $5.20 an hour, cheerleaders sporting their goods and babies getting born. Indeed, this is the land, where honey flows and people smile. Ahh.

Provided you watch a few loops of this moronic audio-visual drivel, you might want to just hop back on that flight and leave, whence you came from. Soon thereafter all visitors get fingerprinted like felons and get a mug shot. If anything is amiss, hour long interviews by the customs officials await, together with strip searches and anal probes. Indeed, “Welcome to America”. Political Blogger Alliance

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