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Arch-conservative Karl Kagan rears his ugly head again II

June 19, 2008

As I have written previously Karl Kagan, one of the arch-conservative ideologues of the past quarter-century has been persistently raising his head again and spewing more poisonous ideology. In his latest installment of a piece of intellectual war whitewash – The Return of History and the End of Dreams Kagan goes beyond the standard narrative of sustaining ” benevolent global hegemony” for which he campaigned so hard in the nineties along with Irving Kristol. Indeed Kagan dispenses with such militarism altogether and pointedly omits the entire Iraq war. He instead claims to have changed his mind and opt for a more “realist” US foreign policy, along the lines of Kissingerian realpolitik.

Kagan reminds me of Francis Fukuyama, whom I heard speak at Johns Hopkins a couple of years ago about how he changed his mind and is a foreign policy realist as well. Both him and Kagan were instrumental in providing the poisonous intellectual narrative for the sustained US military hegemony over the world. As the current Foreign Affairs article states:

In the run-up to the US invasion in 2003, Kagan, writing in the The Washington Post, described Iraq as a “historical pivot” and events there as destined to “shape the course of Middle Eastern politics, and therefore world politics, both now and for the remainder of the century”. After five years of fighting, more than 4,000 US deaths, several hundred billion dollars frittered away and some 140,000 US troops still on the ground, he no longer seems to think so.

Indeed, what a flip-flopper. Screw them both. Political Blogger Alliance

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