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More money on bullets than on schools

May 7, 2008

The 2009 US Federal Discretionary Budget as detailed vividly by the Death and Taxes website assigns more than

831 million dollars on bullets alone , do doubt used to spread democracy in the MIddle East

all the same while cutting the US Department of Education Program for Safe and Drug Free Schools by 59% to a puny $282 million. Of course these numbers are grossly out of context but I invite you to scroll around the huge graph and see for yourself. Wander at the largess of the Department of Defense that gobbles up the unbelievable $515 billion, yes that is $515,000,000,000. The Feds being clever, they hide the remaining military/national defense expenditure across numerous agencies to come up with a total of

799 billion dollars for all military/national defense related activities

which represents a stunning 24.7% of the total discretionary federal budget for 2009. Yes, this country spends almost a quarter of its federal dollars on waging war. Not that it can afford it, really. Just the interest payments this year on the unbelievable national debt of $10,150 billion will be $250 billion. Political Blogger Alliance

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  1. May 7, 2008 4:31 am

    Who’d believe with the way things are here
    We’d be going anywhere telling people
    How to live?
    Who’d believe we’d spend more
    Shippin’ drugs and guns
    Than to educate our sons? Sorry but
    That’s what they did

    From Megadeth’s Youthanasia

    Sorry about the metal flashback, but that’s what your post reminded me of.

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