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how to really contact hewlett packard

January 31, 2008

As anybody who did ever buy from hewlett packard knows, their notebooks brake down a lot. In fact so much so that they need to be replaced free of charge as detailed here. So next time the the helpless drone in India cannot help, try this: 1-800-474-6836 (number in India) then lets call America and talk to one of their case managers, who can at least speak English. 1-877-917-4380, EXT 94, OPT 1 FAX: 208-333-6822 and I bet you even that wont work so lets go further up to their headquarters in Palo Alto, CA:

1-800-756-0608 Option # 7  Mon-Fri8:00 AM-5:00 PM PST.

and the icing on the cake is the CEO of hp Mark Hurd

    CONTACT: HP             Bob Sherbin, 650-857-2381
Mike Moeller, 650-236-3028   
Monica Sarkar, 650-236-5127   
HP Media Hotline, 866-266-7272   
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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 11, 2008 2:15 am

    I need help dealing with HP support.

    My DV9000 worked well till a couple of weeks ago, It had some issue with the battery not charging for two months or more but it worked well – no crashes – nothing it worked well, then a couple of weeks ago it stopped booting up. Followed rai55’s instructions, took out the battery connected it to the socket and it booted up. Now from a cold start it only boots up this way. It will come up after hibernating /sleeping even if the battery is in, but if I shut it down, I have to take the battery out and boot it.

    Applied the bios patch that HP put out.. battery charging still an issue and it still does not power up with the battery installed. The battery charging status is more descriptive and after the bios flash, it shows that it is not charging.

    After a bit of digging around on google I realized that this was a wide spread problem and HP extended the warranty etc etc. I called and was told that there is a mother board problem and I was sent a box to send the dv9000 in for repair. I backed up all my data (the DVD drive works like a charm) and sent it in.

    What followed is an absolute nightmare. I’m still trying to get it resolved with a case manager, but after this I don’t want to buy anything HP.

    Two very very rude support people claimed that there was liquid spill.. first that the screen was cracked and liquid from inside the LCD screen split. Then that I’d split some liquid on my notebook. Then that the mother board “melted” and nothing in my notebook was working:

    Here’s a partial list of things that HP says is broken in it:
    Liquid spill
    mother board damage
    RAM is damaged
    CPU, Video and Audio board, Fan PCMCIA slot
    USB board damaged
    Speaker damaged.

    The status on my case page says.
    Warranty status:out of warranty
    Service charge:$1080.34

    My notebook was working perfectly well, I had no crashes, no blue screens. The only problem was with the battery charging and bootup with the battery.

    From the Hp web site link:

    clearly from “Step 2: Identify the symptoms” there are three things that effect my notebook

    * The notebook has no power and no active LEDs.
    * The notebook does not start.
    * The battery charge indicator light does not turn on when the battery is installed and the AC adapter is connected.

    What HP’s support service is doing is just horrible. I’m at my wits end. HP wants me to pay more for their shitty product and the rude support guy wanted me to buy another notebook, because this one was toast.

    Any suggestions on dealing with them. I’ve asked for pictures for the liquid damage.

    Needless to say this is my last HP product. I don’t like being jerked around.

  2. Pavel permalink
    April 11, 2008 3:30 pm

    Hi Anonymous,

    I am sorry for your trouble. I know how it is as you can see from my blog. I would advise you to call the Headquarters and keep arguing with them until they agree to replace your notebook. Call a few times and don’t let them refuse you.

    Good luck

  3. victim permalink
    May 1, 2008 4:47 pm

    I’m the the same boat as you guys. my pavilion dv9000-series has been sent in for repair three times and last week the graphic card gave up once again with the laptop suffering from 4 other faults.

    It was sent in for repair three times in Sweden. Now I live in London and the complaints department here are telling me that on the computer it only shows that my laptop has only been inf or repair twice which is totally false. So they are basically not able to offer me a replacement since it apparently hasn’t been sent in three times.

    Either way I’m very upset and filed in a form with complaints to an HP executive on their website. I just received a reply that my case will be escallated to the appropriate department. I don’t count on magic to happen but at least it’s worth a try.

    Join the fight against HP’s poor quality and customer service at HP forum.

  4. May 20, 2009 6:52 am

    Bought a service contract for my officejet 7310. HP refuses to honor it, saying sorry the unit is obsolete. I wonder — why then would they sell me an extended service contract good until February 11, 2010?

    Their solution: Buy another inkjet printer at a “reduced rate.” Problem though: their reduced rate is about 30% higher than I can find the same printer from an online vendor.

  5. Eric permalink
    July 15, 2009 6:20 am

    Hello all, I am a deployed Soldier to Iraq. My DVD drive failed on my new HP and they agreed to replace it. However, I have to send them the old drive inside 2 weeks or I am charged for it. I have explained to this to there drones and asked for an extenstion. We often don’t get mail due to dust storms that lasts for weeks at a time. It is even challenging to get mail in good weather and normal conditions but the continue to not care and won’t budge. Ultimately, I had to get my wife involved who is at my home station in Germany. My wife who is trying to take care of 2 children in a foreign country while her husband is deployed now has to drive 70 miles to the closes base exchange store were this drive will be shipped. This course of action was decided after my wife’s lengthy conversation with both your normal customer service agents and your military rep. None the less, this blew my mind. The course of action results in me having to wait up to 8 weeks for a part that could take 2 weeks. It increases the chance of the part being damaged because it will be shipped twice, once by you and once by my wife. You are now costing my family time, money for fuel and just general conveniences by this course of action. You also are putting a 3 party involved in this process called AAFES who isn’t necessarily going to work hard to solve this problem for both of us.

    I can’t believe this has to be this difficult. It almost sounds like when FEMA took 5 days to get water to the dome.

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