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Indigenous communist President Evo Morales on the Daily Show

September 27, 2007

Well here we have a rare sight a Spanish speaking socialist president being interviewed on the Daily Show. The President of Bolivia Evo Morales spoke recently on the daily show and among his most important pronouncements were:

-the nationalization of the oil industry in Bolivia has raked the country a neat 1.7 bn dollars
-furthermore he offered platitudes about world peace and respect for each other tailored for a western liberal audience and even called Stewart a white blue eyed boy
-finally he pleaded not to be included in the Axis of Evil, which is just another rhetorical gimmicks designed to appeal to the liberal audience.

I have to admit I like Morales. An indigenous farmer rose to be a president, which is like if a Cherokee native from Arizona became US president, which is not going to happen in the next few thousand years. His interesting biography can be found here, which is peppered by some of his more inflammatory quotes, which were clearly not suitable for the Daily Show:

“The worst enemy of humanity is U.S. capitalism. That is what provokes uprisings like our own, a rebellion against a system, against a neoliberal model, which is the representation of a savage capitalism. …”

OK, it seems Viacom pulled the video off YouTube. What a shame, oh well. it’s not on Google Video either.

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