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Christopher Hitchens speaks at Johns Hopkins University

September 19, 2007

Yesterday JHU hosted Christopher Hitchens as part of their 2007 Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium where he delivered his trademark fiery speech about a couple of issues:

  • the secular intent of the signers of the US constitution
  • the professed religious creep of European elites notably the British monarchy ‘s influence on public life in the Great Britain and compulsory 2% religious tax in Germany.
  • his standard atheist propositions delivered with gusto and wit , no doubt gained while studying at the paragon of British snobbish intellectual establishment of Balliol College, Oxford where he studied philosophy, politics and economy.
  • a plethora of off-colour jokes about American south, Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions delivered with zeal that few dare to muster
  • he steadily muddled the waters by confusing the secularist intent of the American constitution with considerable moralistic and theocratic yielding of the executive power of the current administration with professed secular, progressive and pro-enlightenment intent and execution of the proposed European constitution

Finally he opened the floor for questions, which opened the flood gates for some American Protestant white male feeble rantings about role of religion in US culture. The lecture was a success delivered with wisdom, insight and wit, yet I can never get over his support for the Iraq war and his vicious ad hominem attacks on people who disagree with him.

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