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BBC:"Fewer people have access to clean water than did under Saddam Hussein"

August 5, 2007

As it was reported today Baghdad has no running water during a sweltering summer of 117 degrees. Some people have had no water for days. Those few trickles that get through are making people seriously sick and dying. Can we for one minute imagine what it is to be stuck in a super heated summer hellhole like Baghdad with a family and watch your kids go sick because you just have no water at all for them? Can we just imagine for one minute.
It further saddens me to report on a BBC article by the respected British humanitarian group OXFAM, which concluded in its new report that fewer Iraqis have access to clean water then they had under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and furthermore 80% of Iraqis have no access to effective medication. The list of complaints goes on:

  • Since 2004 Iraq has been too unsafe for the OXFAM to operate and even the United Nations have had to pull out after a devastating attack on its headquarters
  • The aid distribution system is seriously disrupted and out of the 4 million Iraqis registered for food distribution, only 60% receive it, which is down from 96% year after the war began
  • Another article describes the grisly carnage of 500 mutilated bodies over 2 years have washed off the river in the town of Suweira, 60 miles downriver from Baghdad. Apparently many of them show signs of torture and mutilation.

How is it possible that such a brutal and bloody civil war, where people can not even receive food rations, kill each other along sectarian lines and dump each other’s bodies in rivers is still being sold in the United States as a war of liberation and freedom spreading. How many more bodies are needed to dispel this illusion?

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